Review of AfCS Nature Signaling Gateway

Title: Alliance for Cellular Signaling (AfCS)


Date Reviewed: 5/24/04

Description: comprehensive and up-to-the-minute resource for anyone interested in signal transduction that includes Signaling Update ( featured article of the week), Molecule Pages (database of key facts of >3000 proteins involved in cellular signaling) and Data Center (provide downloadable experimental data of selected signaling systems performed by AfCS)

Strengths: Easy to browse, clickable signaling molecules to find more information about them, search menu is available, nice graphics of pathways, direct link to full text articles in HMTL or PDF, plus links to individual lab websites

Weaknesses: Must register to login

Comprehensiveness: Good

Timeliness: updated weekly

Ease of Use: easy to navigate but you do have to register to login (free registration)

Responsiveness: Pages download quickly

Similar or Related Sites: TRANSPATH

Overall Evaluation: ****

Reviewer: Vey Hadinoto