Review of Quosa

Title: Quosa


Date Reviewed: 5/24/04

Description: Quosa - software that must be downloaded and run on either pc or mac - can search and retrieve the full text of the hundreds of articles (if you have access) found in a PubMed search, allowing you to do further screening. These articles can then be saved into Quosa folders and the references quickly downloaded into reference software like Endnote.Ý Furthermore, as your library of stored articles grows, Quosa can perform full text searches of that library.

Strengths: If you find that you spend too much time trying to find specific articles with PubMed, you may find Quosa helpful.Ý Rather than just searching keywords and abstracts, Quosa searches the full text, so it is quite thorough.Ý An additional benefit is that you can set it up to automatically search and download relevant articles, so if you frequently perform the same search and dig around getting the articles, this could make your life easier.

Weaknesses: The usefulness of this software depends on how often you have trouble finding specific articles with just a normal PubMed search.Ý Furthermore, importing references into Endnote from PubMed really isnít that difficult, so thatís a relatively small convenience.Ý Also, itís essentially useless if you do not have access to the articles ń for example if you canít access TDnet ń because then it will only search the text of articles that are free, which are few and far between.

Comprehensiveness: As comprehensive as Tuftís online journal catalog

Timeliness: ÝSearches performed as frequently as you desire

Ease of Use: Intuitive

Responsiveness: ÝIt definitely takes a while to do a full text search

Similar or Related Sites: I donít know of any similar sites or software

Overall Evaluation: 3.5 stars

Reviewer: Kevin Jefferies