Review of Protocol Databases


Title: 1. iProtocol

         2. Current Protocols Online


URL: 1.



Date Reviewed: 05/24/04


Description: Both sites are searchable databases containing hundreds of protocols for techniques ranging from common to unique assays.  IProtocol appears to be newer, with less total protocols, and more specific topics.  Current Protocols Online has a much broader range of protocols throughout 12 different scientific disciplines. 


Strengths: iProtocol:  easy navigation, very detailed descriptions, option to submit your own protocols and review others, FREE, discussion forums available for further questions on techniques

                    Current Protocols Online:  many, many more protocols stored here, easy searching and navigation, basically the online version of the multiple volume books, very detailed protocols with references


Weaknesses: iProtocol: The site seems less frequently visited, with many areas that look untouched since 1999-2000.  It has the potential of being a good site once more people are exposed to it.  Search options are still too broad ­ it could be improved with a more advanced search engine.

                         Current Protocols Online:  Can be somewhat overwhelming when you arenšt quite sure what you are looking for.  Many different protocols could fall under multiple topics, and sometimes searching might not lead you directly to the right protocol.


Comprehensiveness: Pretty simple to understand.


Timeliness: Current Protocols Online seems to be updated and used much more frequently than iProtocol, but both seem up to current date. 


Ease of Use: Easy.


Responsiveness:  Quick downloading as long as you have good internet service and a good computer.


Overall Evaluation: iProtocol: 3 stars!  Current Protocols Online: 4.5 stars!


Reviewer: Rebekah Stackpole