Review of Google Scholar

Title: Google Scholar (Beta Version)


Date Reviewed: May 4th, 2006

Description: Google scholar is the Google company's answer to Ovid Medline or other journal searching software available to the research community. The website uses the conventional Google interface, the title with a single search bar, which is immediately recognizable and useable to anyone familiar with the Google homepage. The search ccan be inputted as a single word (eg Stat3) or as an author, title, journal name; absolutely anything can be put into the search bar to varying results. The more precise you make the search, the less articles you will get and the more relevant they will be.

Strengths: Picks up on ALL the papers, textbooks, scholarly articles, letters, anything that has science involved and is not dependent on site licensing (Some searches will only bring up papers they have access to). This allows for a much deeper search not confined to solely journals. The advanced search feature is extremely useful and on par with Ovid's citation search.

Weaknesses: The only way you can actually access these articles is if you are in school or have your own username and password. When inside the school LAN, you will never have to input your username or password like you do with Medline because Google Scholar picks up on the library's permissions.

Comprehensiveness: Extraordinarily deep, well defined and an all round winner.

Timeliness: (how often is the site updated) This site updates itself in the same way that Google updates every time a new website is added to the internet. Every time a new paper is recognized, it will be searchable.

Ease of Use: If you can search with Google, you can research with Google Scholar (its VERY easy to use)

Responsiveness: Instantaneous results

Similar or Related Sites: Medline, Pubmed

Overall Evaluation: Five Stars

Reviewer: Paul Everill

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