Title: VAST

URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure/VAST/vastsearch.html


Description: This website helps identify other proteins with similar structure to the one you submit. It is similar to BLAST but instead of sequence homology, it uses 3D structure in the form of PBD file instead.


Strengths: You can choose to align the 3D structures that are search results with your original structure as well as view sequence alignment.



Weaknesses: The website does not tell you when the search is done. It will automatically check every so often, depending on how complicated your PDB file is. If you suspect that the search might be done before then, you can manually check.


Comprehensiveness:  Pretty good. You can find links to proteins with similar 3D structure and can download those PDB file from those sites.


Timeliness: Slow.


Ease of use: Easy to use. Just need to upload PDB file of interest and hit žSubmit.Ó


Responsiveness: Good


Similar/ Related Sites: EMBL/ EBI DALI, MATRAS


Overall Evaluation: 3.5


Reviewer: Warangkhana Songsungthong        


Email: Warangkhana.Songsungthong@Tufts.edu