Review of Virtual PCR

Title: Virtual PCR


Date Reviewed: 05/04/2006

Description: A PCR simulation software. If you introduce primers it matches them to sequenced genomes and predicts the size of the PCR products deriving from the primers.

Strengths: Verify the validity of the primers for specific genomes, in a short time, get the prediction of products. Use the website before testing your primers for the specific genomes you are looking.    

Weaknesses: Limited to specific genomes, model organisms.

Comprehensiveness: It is easy to follow, with different links to other PCR related sites about primers and the basic sites one would need when dealing with sequences.

Timeliness: The last time the software was updated was in 2002, when the last version of it was installed making it more friendly for users and one can use it without having to downloading the software.

Ease of Use: It is very straight forward in terms of putting in your sequences of interest but the results could be presented in a different format.

Responsiveness: It does not take long to do the search unless it looks into something as the human genome where the pages are still downloaded fast.

Similar or Related Sites: Sites for simulation of PCR are provided at the website of this page also such as: In silico bacterial genome PCR, PCR simulation on line.

Overall Evaluation: 2

Reviewer: Stella Antonara