Review of  The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP)



Title: The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP)




Date Reviewed: 5-18-2002



This website gives information about genomic data from human and mouse normal and cancer cells (ESTs,  gene expression patterns, SNPs, cytogenetic information, etc.).  It also has a series of tools that help in data analysis, searches of genes, libraries, etc.




The strength of this site is the integration of the information found in several databases and its presentation. It has an emphasis in cancer related genes that is very useful for the cancer researcher.  It has information about libraries (CGAP libraries and others) available and links that allow to purchase them. It has a Tools section where some interesting programs are found for data mining or search related.  It provides information about the SNP and links to SNP500cancer.  The gene information provided has links to other databases (OMIM,  Unigene, Locus Link, SNPviewer, etc.) and data about libraries, clones, gene ontology, cytogenetic information.   


Weaknesses: It is a very big site and takes lot of time to see all what it has.


Comprehensiveness: It is very comprehensive.


Timeliness: It seems readily updated.


Ease of use: It is relatively easy to use.


Responsiveness: The pages load fast.


Similar or Related Sites: 


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Mammalian Gene Collection


Overall Evaluation: I will give it 5 stars. It is a very well built site. It has many helpful links and it is very well organized. It recollects and links  the information available in other databases and integrates it in a nice interface easy to navigate.



Reviewer: Pollyanna Chavez