URL: Glycoforum



Description: Glycoforum is intended as a public service to present short articles on current, exciting research activities in glycobiology. These articles are intended to reach the wider research community and not solely the specialists in the particular subject matter being featured. Glycoforum is a wealth of current information in glycobiology, as well as providing extensive background information to familiarize oneself with different aspects of glycobiology.


Strengths: This site provides extensive information on glycobiology, and it is very current.  There was little that I could not find on this site .  Leading researchers in the field provide information on structure, functions and interactions among various glycoproteins.  This site has a search window, which facilitates finding the desired information without having to wade through the extensive information contained in the site.  In an effort to bring about a better understanding of the rapidly growing modern glycoscience, this site has GlycoWord Web site. It presents up-to-the-minute glycoscience-related keywords, selected by researchers in various fields of the science and interpreted intelligibly by specialists with expertise on each of the fields.



Weakness: I was surprised to see no links to any sites related to sequence, structure, homology, etc.


Comprehensiveness: Very


Timeliness: Very up to date, with links to summaries of the latest symposia and conferences in Glyconews.


Ease of Use: Pretty easy to navigate and understand.


Responsiveness: Little to no waiting time.


Overall Evaluation (1-5. 5 being best): 4



Alexandra Jones