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Date Reviewed: 5/20/01

Description: This web is a lab-related web site that offers news, tools (including a list of frequent bioinformatics tools, lab-related software for Palm users,...), products, tables, buffer calculators,.... All the tools it offers can be saved into your own lab manager for easy of use and later retrieval. One of the tools I find the most useful is the literature agent. As  many other literature agents it does seraches for you and notifies you when new hits are found. You can have more than one combination of keywords for search.

Strengths: The literature agent is what I like the best from this web-site.

Weaknesses: The search for products can be difficult (for example, I tried searching for antibodies and they didn't show up with most of my keyword searches, although they were in the database)
Comprehensiveness: Incomplete, especially for products (for example, BD Pharmingen, a very big antibody-producing company is not under their manufacturers list).

Timeliness: Fast

Ease of Use: Easy, although the searches of products can make one frustrated when you don't give the right keyword.

Responsiveness: Once you get the results, It's actually nice because it gives you company information and a link to the company web for ordering.

Similar or Related Sites:

- BioSupplyNet: search for supplies and reagents

- metazoa: Research Management Systems web based lab notebook and protocol library

Overall Evaluation: 2 stars

Reviewer: Mireia Guerau