Review of Molecular Biology Techniques Forum


Title: Molecular Biology Techniques Forum


Date Reviewed: 05/21/01

Description: This web site provides an easy access to the protocols that are

used in molecular biology. A good feature of this site is that it

has a forum where you can ask a question or discuss about any

technical difficulty. People respond to your queries quickly and

the suggestions are very useful. You can also contribute by

submitting some interesting techniques/ articles.


Strengths: The protocols are stated in a very clear, lucid, step by step and

straightforward manner, which can be used by even a beginner.

Readers don’t need to spend time in reading too much. It has

links to almost all the useful bio-informatics programs which

respond quite fast. It has also links with almost all the most widely used journals. Excellent links to some other web sites regarding the molecular biology and related protocols, as well as to all the major biotech companies so that if we need a kit or an

equipment, it can be searched directly in the search engine and

it gives all the companies that have the equipment, and hence

we don’t have to look in the individual companies. It also has its

own search engine where we can enquire about a particular

technique in case we have difficulty.


Weaknesses: I didn’t come across any obvious weakness.

Comprehensiveness: In my opinion, it is a very comprehensive site. It has

all the features that one would like it to have. It is very well

structured and has excellent links that makes use of this site

very useful.

Timeliness: Search can be done very quickly.

Ease of Use: Very easy and straightforward to use.

Responsiveness: The response of the web site as well as almost all of the

links it provides is prompt.

Similar or Related Sites: Some excellent links for Molecular Biology and related protocols, nicely categorised and organized:


Overall Evaluation: 4-5 stars

Reviewer: Shaida Andrabi