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MEROPS - The Protease Database


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Description (modified from MEROPS homepage):MEROPS is a specialized database for proteases/proteinases. descriptive page can be reached for each protease by three different ways - by name, by MEROPS identifier by organism. Once located, the page provides information on the classification and nomenclature of the an interface to the relevant entries in online databases for human genetics, protein and nucleic acid and tertiary structure. There is also a concise reference list.

Each proteases is placed in a Family on the basis of statistically significant similarities in amino acid Families that are thought to have common evolutionary origins are grouped into a Clan. There is a page family and clan, and these can be found by use of the respective indexes.

The MEROPS site also includes a section called Other Information, which includes miscellaneous information that may prove useful to those studying proteases.Examples include biomedical and biotechnological aspects peptidases, and lists of yet unsequenced peptidases.

Strengths:Nicely structured.Thorough for peptidases.Saves time searching Entrez for peptidases. to other databases including BRENDA, which is a nice enzyme database.

Weaknesses: words.

The search engine is somewhat awkward to use since it will only accept accession numbers

Comprehensiveness:Excellent.All "test proteases" were found.Shows the current name of each peptidase. database also points out which proteases have obsolete names - something that wouldn't be obvious in normal protein searches.

Timeliness:Excellent.All "test proteases" were found including those that were added to the Entrez within the last month.References include several from 1999.

Ease of Use:Very good.The use of frames allows one to quickly access information. realize how much information the site really provided.

However, it took

Responsiveness:Good.MEROPS is in transition from one IP address to another.The original address links while I was trying to access them.There should be no problem once the complete transition is made.

Similar or Related Sites: Inhibitor Database

Overall Rating: 4 (out of 5)