Review of Bioinformatics portal

Title: Bioinformatics portal


Date Reviewed: May 20th,2002


The website provides well organized links to different tasks in bioinformatics research


The strengths of this website are its organization. It groups the information logically and you can find the information according to the task you are facing. If you want to do alignment, go to Alignment tools; if you need background information, go to Bioinformatics institutes; if you need related books, go to Biobooks


I am not sure how integration this website is. I can not find some general websites such as SAGE, GeneCards.Also there are advertisements not related to bioinformatics. The presentation of the website is not professional, and somehow it gives me the feeling that this website is the homework of a graduate student.


This is a good starting spot, but I have to say it is not very comprehensive


It looks to me that the webmaster didnt spend a lot of time on it recently

Ease of Use:

Very easy to use


Normal, depending on the link you are using.

Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation:2.5 stars

Reviewer: JieWei