Review of CuraToolsTM

Title: CuraToolsTM


Date Reviewed:5/21/01

Description:CuraTools is a collection of sequence analysis tools with centralized sequence storage and formatting capabilities.

Strengths: Curatools has a flashy, graphic interface and more elastic sequence addition abilities compared to the SCSD workbench site (multiple sequences can be entered simultanously, for example) Curatools does not segragate DNA from protein sequences.  This site can also combine the results of multiple analyses on a single summary report.  The interface is simple and spatially arrayed and the results are displayed in an easy to understand format.

Weaknesses: Old analyses are automatically written over unless moved from "recent results" to "saved results" folder.
 (Internet Explorer versions 4+5 running on Mac may have difficulties according to site).  In addition, it is easy to run an analysis without considering the parameters and conditions used. (parameters are accessed through 'prefs' box to right of certain analyses)

Comprehensiveness: All the standard sequence and structure analysis tool are here divided by type.  In addition, metabolic pathways and SNPs can be searched.

Timeliness: Slightly slower than SCSD for individual quieries, but may be  faster for multiple analyses because of the "report-building" capabilities and simultanious analyses performed.

Ease of Use: fairly easy.  Output files multiply rapidly, must be renamed.
Responsiveness: Fairly quick

Similar or Related Sites: SDSC workbench

Overall Evaluation: 4 1/2

Reviewer: K.Rockwell