Review of the EBI-EMBL site

Title: InterPro Home


Date Reviewed: 05/21/02

Description: The site is maintained by EBI. It combines a large number of bioinformatics tools under several broad headings.

Homology and Similarity: Has a number of search tools like NCBI and Wu BLAST, Fasta, Proteomes and Genomes Fasta 3 (which lets you search within a pretty comprehensive list of genomes as well as some proteomes), Parasites Genome BLAST and so on.

Protein Functional Analysis: Has InterProScan, protein fingerprint searches (FingerPRINTScan), protein motif searches (ppsearch) as well as GeneQuiz.

Structural Analysis: Several tools - programs like DALI for protein 3D structures comparisons, Jrped for consensus secondary structure predictions, PQS for quaternary structure, TOPS for protein structural topology among others.

Sequence Analysis: Tools like Clustal, Mutation Checker, Genetic Code Viewer, TransSeq, Reverse Translator etc.

Other than this, there are miscellaneous tools like ReadSeq, tools for expression array analysis, Protein Colourer which lets you color code designated amino acids in a given protein.

Strengths:  Very exhaustive – allows a pretty holistic analysis of a protein, provided one has the time to go through and use all the tools.

Weaknesses: Not many although it’s probably not as extensive as Expasy

Comprehensiveness: Good

Timeliness: Good – the site was recently updated (May 2002)

Ease of Use: Quite good – there a short descriptions against each program and the over-all layout is quite easy to work with.

Responsiveness: Good – most output screens came up quite quickly. Some of the structural analysis programs (like DALI) took relatively longer.

Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation:  I would give this site 4 stars

Reviewer: Srimoyee Ghosh