Review of Lexicon Genetics Omnibank


Title:Lexicon Genetics OmniBank (of Lexicon Genetics Inc.)


Date Reviewed: 5/18/2002

Description: OmniBank contains about 200,000 of mouse ES cell line clones, containing random retroviral insertions into mouse genes which are sequence tagged.  This library is oriented to assist in gene function identification by allowing for the direct generation of knockout mice and discovery of possibly therapies (particularly, drug development)

Strengths: The database appears to cover most of mammalian expressed sequences, even those with very low levels of expression; also for there are multiple forms represented for each gene (i.e. mutations, deletions, etc.).  This database also offers quite complete information on your sequence of interest and allows to perform a limited number of analyses, like BLAST search.

Weaknesses: To gain access to OmniBank one needs to register by providing some general information, and the login/password is sent via e-mail.  I attempted to register several times with several different login names, e-mail addresses and form different locations.  I never got my registration.  Without it, I could not even submit a search for a sequence of interest.

Comprehensiveness: Navigating the site is easy, there is considerable amount of information one can get even without access to the OmnoBank.

Timeliness: Excellent, except for the e-mailing back the password part.

Ease of Use: as above

Responsiveness: as above

Similar or Related Sites: A similar site I have used was Jackson Labs.  While OmniBank appears to be more complete, JaxMice allows to search the database and allows access to various information without a login.  OnmiBamk is obviously a commercially oriented database, with a focus on pharmaceutical development, and while this allows for a more extensive library of clones (which are all differentially tagged and convenient to use), it is not geared toward academic research.

Overall Evaluation: 2.5

Reviewer: Yelena Kleyner