Review of NAGGY LAB



Date Reviewed: 5/30/01

Description: NAGGY LAB is a web site from a lab that uses CRE transgenic mice, and GFP mice to study genomic imprinting and the development of blood vessels. They maintain lists of all the Cre transgenic mice made with links to the journal articles, and also all the loxp flanked mice made, and the reporter mice to do conditional genetic experiments in mice.

Strengths: As more and more labs embark upon transgenic experiments using CRE in mice (including mine!), a catalogue of the types of mice that have been made will become an essential resource.

Weaknesses: Currently this is still very much a lab web site, there are no informative descriptions of the CRE recombinase system.

Comprehensiveness: Not very comprehensive, a first start, but very useful nonetheless

Timeliness: Fine/good

Ease of Use: Easy

Responsiveness: fine/good

Similar or related sites:

Overall Evaluation: 3

Reviewer:Susan Schonhoff