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Title: Nodalpoint


Date Reviewed: 5/31/01

Description: A nodalpoint is a site dedicated to posting news and discussion items about the latest breakthroughs and controversies in the fields of Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology and many others. It is organized and run by students and researchers and allows a forum for Biological News to be passed to people with similar interests.

Strengths: I enjoyed this website. The news was current and there was obviously someone posting appropriate news. This site had many links to labs and other more general science wed sites. Furthermore, a search engine allowed you to find comments on news of interest.

Weaknesses: Any site like this is only going to be as good as the people that subscribe and participate to it. It was difficult to get an idea of this as the news that was reported often resembled something of a text sound bite. However, links were often provided to help fatten-up the stories. Furthermore, though I didn't find any of this, the veracity and accuracy of a site like this will be in question. Also, there didn't seem to be much commenting of the stories that were posted... in other words there was not much discussion. The news tended to be more of pop science, however, much of it was interesting. On closer inspection, there really only seems to be a couple of people posting stories... this obviously can create a bias in the news that is reported. Also, it dosen't appear that this site has been around for a while. I was unable to access 'old' news... it either dosen't exist or was removed... this site would be better if it tried to compile other science new sites to get a broader perspective.



Ease of Use:easy


Similar or Related Sites:there are many posted at the URL above. In fact, this was the best part of the wedsite.

Overall Evaluation: 1 to 5 stars

1 (it was interesting, but not helpful)

Reviewer: Neal Golden