Review of Orbigen

Title: Orbigen,


Date Reviewed: May 20,2002

Description: Orbigen is a company website featuring its products and services, some of them quite novel indeed. For instance, they will custom synthesize fluorescently labeled ds RNAi oligonucleotides. They also offer more than 14,000 ready to use full-length mouse cDNA clones, which can be tagged and sub-cloned in to an appropriate vector for $499/gene. Furthermore, they can also produce polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies against your gene product. It also flaunts a nice collection of protocols and RNAi links.


Mouse Genes are well organized with the corresponding NCBI entry for the cDNA, locuslink and Unigene links.

The full-length cDNA clones are reasonably priced at $499 each and baculovirus clones are priced at $295.

Fluorescently labeled RNAi is a novel product being offered by them.

Fairly comprehensive protocol and RNAi section.

Bookmarks section pretty good too.


Frames are sometimes bothersome.

Frequent Error messages

Comprehensiveness: Good in terms of mouse clone and protocol collections and RNAi links.

Timeliness: Lacking, gauging from the mouse clone collection and bookmarks section, which were last updated on 9/30/01.

Ease of Use: Medium

Responsiveness: Medium

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Overall Evaluation: **** 4 stars

Reviewer: Shveta Taparia