Review of Physiome Sciences, Inc.

Title: Physiome Sciences, Inc.


Date Reviewed: 5/20/02

Description:  Physiome Sciences is a company in Princeton, NJ, dedicated to improving techniques of molecular modeling and storage and retrival of biological data.  It is not a database as such; rather, it provides software and other tools 

Strengths:  Physiome sciences, in conjunction with the University of Aukland, has created CellML, an adaptation of the XML language to facilitate access to biological data from multiple sources on the web.  The language specifications, definitions, and a brief tutorial are all available freeware at .  Further, Physiome has, on its own, written some very interesting programs.  They describe their architecture as an InSilico Cell, with modeling capabilities that include simulation of metabolic activity and change in cell state as time and conditions change; ability to interface with multiple public and private access databases to incorporate new data into the models; and build model upon model to look at organization of higher-level systems, such as full organs.

Weaknesses:  This site is not a database, and does not give much up for free.  The software packages, while very interesting in scope and ability, are all purchase for licence packages with hefty pricetags associated with them.  

Comprehensiveness:  The website accomplishes what it sets out to, including providing downloadable detailed specifications of all the primary software packages.

Timeliness:  good.

Ease of Use:  very easy to use.  I didn't encounter any dead or mistargeted links.

Responsiveness:  very fast.

Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation: 0.5 stars as a database.  4 stars for the tools they offer.

Reviewer: Craig Thalhauser