Review of PubGene

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DateReviewed:  5/31/01

Description:  PubGene is a tool that uses a graphical interface to allow users to examine protein relationships that have been identified in the literature. 

Strengths:  Graphical interface is simple.  To examine a protein that has connections to the protein you originally inputed, all you need to do is click on the new protein of interest.  It also indicates the number of references that exist connecting the two proteins.  Also, literature searches can be done directly from the graphical interface, but are not completely functional yet.

Weaknesses:  More documentation assisting in the use of the site is necessary.  Also it is very particular about the format in which you input the Protein name.

Comprehensiveness:  It appears that it is a fairly comprehensive search.  The links to the literature search appears to need more work.  Right now literature searches are confined to the year 1998.  They are expanding into the full PubMed literature search in the future.

Timeliness:  Data is produced very rapidly.

Ease of Use:  Again, the only complaint is its particular use of protein names.  Beyond that the interface is user friendly.

Responsiveness:  Transitions between different proteins on the graphical interface and other tools (although they weren’t fully functional) were rapid.

Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation: 1 to 5 stars   3 – will be higher once all systems are functioning.

Reviewer:  John Beaber