Review of Gene Quantification & real-time PCR or kinetic RT-PCR

Title: Gene Quantification & Real-Time PCR or kinetic RT-PCR     v.10.1


Date Reviewed: 06/05/2002

Description: A website that describes in great details all the available PCR and RT-PCR methods for detection and quantification. Each method has a very descriptive and user friendly graphic poster, and movies are also available to demonstrate how each method works. The website also compares and contrasts the methods giving strengths and weaknesses of each one. There are also references and posters available that show physiological applications of each method.

Trouble-shooting suggestions and software to analyze and quantitate your results in also provided. Overall, a great site to either get started using any of these methods, or to learn more about them, or to troubleshoot.

Strengths: Describes, compares and contrasts the different methods available for quantitative RT-PCR/PCR. Great graphical representations and descriptions

Weaknesses: Somewhat redundant in the links given

Comprehensiveness: Very comprehensive, covers most up-to-date techniques, and applications

Timeliness: Updated monthly

Ease of Use: Very user-friendly esp. with the graphics and movies

Responsiveness: Very quick server, no problems navigating

Similar or Related Sites: PCR JUMP Station

Overall Evaluation: ***** 5 stars

Reviewer: Tatyana Vorobyova