Wednesday, May 17, 2000

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Review of The Wnt gene Homepage

Title:The Wnt gene Homepage


Date Reviewed: May 8, 2000

Description:This is a very good, descriptive site to learn all about the wnt/wingless
signaling pathway. Also, it is very up to date, with links as new as May,
3, 2000, and no links older than 1999. The site is divided into 5 main
categories: (1)Wnt genes, (2)Wnt protein assays, (3)Wnt signaling components,
(4)Models, reviews, and links, (5)and sequence alignments. The models,
reviews, and links section is especially nice and informative. One can find
links to meetings in the field as well as specific labs studying this
pathway. Links to available proteins and antibodies are also present. The
different observed effects in response to the various wnt ligand signals
are reported under assays for wnt genes and information on the involvement
of this pathway in cancer is also reported. A nice link allows one to see
the history of updates to the site.

Strengths:This site is very easy to use and very informative. It is very up to date,
also. Links to relevant citations are also present and very useful.

Weaknesses:No apparent weaknesses really exist if you are looking for a broad
review of the wnt/wg pathway and the genes involved. This site is, though,
strictly an information provider. There is no opportunity for the visitor
to enter a query.

Comprehensiveness:Very comprehensive and up to date as described above. Covers just
about every species in which this pathway is studied.

Timeliness:Moving around this is site is very quick. There is an almost immediate
response to all links.

Ease of Use:Everything is linked really nicely and the site is very easy to figure


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Overall Evaluation: Excellent